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제품개요 덕타일 주철관이란?
Steel : those with less than 2% of carbon substance, Cast iron : those with more than 2% of carbon substance
Ductile cast iron : Graphite spheroidization (cast iron molten metal+ Mg) → High tenstile strength and ductility Since it has high tensile strength and thick pipe wall, it is safely suitable to high pressure water and drain pipe.
It is an environmental friendly product that consists of natural material and it is confirmed as the most excellent product compared to other products from developed countries. 덕타일 주철관 특징 Advantages
It is simple and economical.
It can be constructed in congested area and non-developed regions even without special tools or techniques.
It can be constructed even with minimal excavation at joint and has a unexpensive cost for civil-engineering work.
The joint is made of rubber ring. Thus, it sustains well on moving or sinking ground and no additional illuminative
equipments are necessary since it has no risk on illumination.
It is easy to install branch pipe as a tapping.
Due to its simple bolting, it is easy to assemble and disassemble and there is no risk on one's safety during
construction. Compared to welded steel pipe, additional coating on inner and external side is not required after
The center of a ductile cast iron pipe can be adjusted easily by using various fittings and joint flexibility(Allowable
angular deflection of Joint) of various standards.
덕타일 주철관 특징
Most economical pipe
Ductile cast iron pipe has long service life and it is an
environmental friendly and economical pipe and 100% of
its resource can be recycled after its persisting period.
Excellent durability
It has high durability as proven at existing pipe with more
than 100 years of its term and its property has almost never
changed even in long-term laying environment. Moreover,
rate of flow and flow velocity almost never changes since
mortar lining and epoxy powder coating is
Excellent construct ability
Due to its high strength and ductility,
foundation work such as sandbed
is not necessary and the cost on
laying and handling of remaining
soil is reduced. It provides flexibility
and angular deflection of Joint so to
make pipeline adjustment possible.
Optimized Design
According to the pipeline condition,
various types of pipe thickness can
be chosen and combined.
In addition, easier joint is possible
since abundant joint formats and
fittings are prepared. Thus, reasonable
design than considers whole pipeline.
Proven application history shows, ductile cast iron pipe
has the lowest accident rate of water main per unit laying
length and it is easy to maintain. Moreover, It is a pipe
that can be quickly repaired in case of an accident.
Safety on water quality sanitation
It received a certificate not only from Korea (KC, KS)
but also from National Sanitation Foundation 61(NSF61)
and Water Regulations Advisory Scheme(WRAS) and
guarantees the sanitation on water quality.


Excavation ▣ Possible to construct only with minimal excavation on joints
▣ High stiffness pipe → High safety on road weight → Possibility on shallow laying
  → Reduction on excavation cost, reduction on excavation time, simplification of
Foundation / Laying ▣ Special foundation like SAND-BED is not required due to high stiffness of pipe
  → Reduction on the cost of laying and handling of remaining soil
Pipe joint ▣ KP type joint - Possible to have join only with bolting
▣ TYTON type joint - simple due to absence of bolting time
▣ Possible to construct with the presence of small amount of rainfall and water
Working condition / environment ▣ Even under bad weather condition, it is possible to have joint work and there is
 almost no restriction on working condition.
Facility ▣ KP type - Uses wrench when bolting
▣ TYTON type - Only tools to pull the pipe is required
▣ Large scale of power or equipment is not required when having a joint work
Joint coating ▣ After connecting KP and TYTON joint , additional coating on inner and external
 side is not required
Pipeline adjustment ▣ Adjustment on center of pipe (height and location of the plane) and pipe
 extension - Center of ductile cast iron pipe can easily be adjusted by using various
 fittings and joint flexibility(Allowable angular deflection) of various standards.

Construction of water main ductile cast iron pipe

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