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누수복구 커플링이란?
Leak restoration coupling is a restoration material
that can quickly and simply restore without
replacement or welding pipe once the leak or
breakage occurs.
내부 압력 기밀 원리
In order to keep the internal pressure sealing, semi-permanent lifespan for the protrusion of rubber gasket
that is designed with special principle is guaranteed . Moreover, since lip is effective on keeping the sealing
of flowing materials inside, there is no anxiety on leakage. Leak restoration coupling is produced 1.5 ~1.6
times longer than the normal coupling and covers and seals the breakage, it is easy to take an emergency
action once leak occurs.
누수복구 커플링 특징
When using leak restoration coupling, the
restoration time is shorten. Moreover, this is
the most economical leak restoration method
which has an excellent effect on reduction of
labor / material cost.
In case there is a need for non-stop restoration
due to occurance of damage in a pipeline in
narrow working environment, the coupling is
installed at leak point by disassembling both
sides as seen in the figure on the left.
누수복구 커플링 각부 명칭
NO Patrs Material
1 Case SUS(스테인리스강) : 304/ 316/ 316L
2 Rubber Gasket EPDM
3 Sliding Plate SUS(스테인리스강) : 304, 316L
4 Bar Washer SUS(스테인리스강) : 304/ 316L
5 Bar Nut SUS(스테인리스강) : 304/ 316L
6 Bolt SUS(스테인리스강) : 304/ 316L