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강관말뚝. 초장축 강관말뚝
Extra long steel pipe pile that can be easily acquired by continuous casting welding hot strip coil into spiral is
normally used at dockyard, port, plant and bridge construction site without circumferential welding. Thus, it has
a great advantage.
초장축 강관말뚝 특징
01No need for circumferential welding at site.
Since it is produced as single piece(maximum length with 70m) by submerged automatic arc welding from
spiral tube mill and directly supplied to construction site, joint work at site is not necessary.
02No need to worry about welding quality.
Since it is produced as single piece by continuous process of spiral automatic welding, manual welding at site
and no other inspection on orbital welding part is necessary.
03Excellent straightness.
Since extra long steel pipe pile is continuously auto-welded at inner and external side of whole pipe, it is
straight and there is no shrinkage and distortion caused by cooling of welding part. Furthermore, since
single pipe connection at site is not necessary, there should be no anxiety on straightness(bending) caused
by connection of single pipe.
04Can shorten construction period.
In case of single pipe, its construction period takes much time due on welding work at circumferential
welding part, inspection, and delivery time to construction time. On the other hand, extra long steel pipe
pile can be constructed right away once it is delivered to construction site so to shorten the construction
05Has an excellent economic efficiency and can reduce much cost.
Additional zone, personnel, and equipment for site welding are not necessary and it can shorten the
construction period. So, it increases the efficiency by shortening the time on site welding and decreases the
cost on construction and non-destructive inspection. Thus, it can save lots of cost compared to that of site
joint work and much more convenient and safer construction can be realized and the product quality has a
higher reliability.
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