KCIP 한국주철관

라이닝 제품 구조 An environmental friendly water and sewage pipe with economic efficiency, sanitation safety and excellent
coating performance by coating BPF epoxy powder paint at the inner side of ductile cast iron pipe BPF 에폭시 분체 도장
Established by standards such as KS, JIS, JWWA, ANSI/AWWA EN etc.
Recently focused coating method along with the innovation of coating
Possible to coat as thickness more than 300㎛ at once
Excellent adhesion and chemical resistance
Excellent coating property
시멘트 몰탈 라이닝
Has an excellent corrosive resistance since it is lined centrifugally after inserting cement mortar at inner side
of ductile cast iron pipe (cement + Sand + water compound) BPF 에폭시 분체 도장
U.S - Established ANSI A21.4 in 1939
Japan - Established JIS A 5314 in 1958
Korea - Initial production in 1971
Established KS D 4316 in 1984
Adhesion, vacuum resistance
Stability on a change
Excellent vacuum resistance +
impact resistance + corrosion resistance