KCIP 한국주철관

일반조인트 KP 메커니컬 접합
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A method that hooks rake type bolt on socket edge and tights it with nut
from the gland
When assembling the gland, fitting on a bolt hole at socket side is not required
When connecting a pipe, a force is concentrated to the center of a pipe ⇒ Much safer
Easy to adjust the angle of a pipe before fixing bolt
⇒ Reduces bending pipe use, convenient use in an urban area
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It is a method that is developed by U.S PIPE in U.S
It connects only with one circle type rubber ring
Simple connecting process ⇒ Quick pipe construction,
cheap cost on construction
Possible to bury right after completion of connection
⇒ convenient to use in heavy traffic area, dangerous region
KP Mechanical Joint Tyton Joint
Allowable angular
deflection of Joint
80-150mm: 5°
200-300mm: 4°
350-500mm: 3°
600-700mm: 2°
800-1200mm: 1.5°
80-300mm: 5°
350-400mm: 4°
450-600mm: 3°
700-900mm: 2.5°
1000-1200mm: 2.0°
Construction Connecting Parts KP Gasket, Gland/Bolts&Nuts Tyton Gasket
Characteristic Wide bending width(extended
excavation at joint)
No need for bolt hole at socket
Possible to work quickly at rocky
and underwater areas since
there is no need for fitting the
pressure wheel and bolt holes
of a socket
Easy to disassemble the pipe
Easy to use cutting pipe
Quick pipe burying is possible due
to simple joint process
No need for expended excavation
at joint
Cheap burying cost
Possible to connect even in raining
condition once the ubber ring,
water entry, and insertion entry are
High flexibility on joint and safe on
temperature change or disjoint
Pipe size 80-1200mm 80-1200mm